Feeling fine Friday.

It’s a gorgeous day in the Fifth Dimension on this friday morning! My hope is that you’re feeling happy and motivated. The summer weather and heat can bring on lethargy but it also means LESS CLOTHES! So enjoy the breeze AND the view, hit the beach or the trail with a good podcast ( definitelyContinue reading “Feeling fine Friday.”

Welcome Back to the Fif-…I mean blog update

Thanksgiving has come and gone this week. My hope is that your bellies are full and your hearts warm. The latter being a bit more difficult for many families and friends fractured by increasingly divided and immovable ideals, politics, and path forward for the country. The World. Well fuck all that. Hug the person closestContinue reading “Welcome Back to the Fif-…I mean blog update”

The Fugitive

Originally aired on March 9, 1962 . The Fugitive offers up a bit of an unconventional Cinderella story, unsurprisingly from the mind of Charles Beaumont. Within the bubble universes of the Fifth DiMENSiON, Beaumont is more often credited with tales of horror and internal terror. In some strange alternate, future universe where the Twilight Zone,Continue reading “The Fugitive”

IIYW Finally Has a Website!

After years of publishing a Twilight Zone podcast, the website has now arrived. When I first started the show and signed up for libsyn hosting I had thought that the website they provided, as a destination to listen to episodes, would be a sufficient web presence. I never thought more than a handful of peopleContinue reading “IIYW Finally Has a Website!”