Feeling fine Friday.

It’s a gorgeous day in the Fifth Dimension on this friday morning! My hope is that you’re feeling happy and motivated. The summer weather and heat can bring on lethargy but it also means LESS CLOTHES! So enjoy the breeze AND the view, hit the beach or the trail with a good podcast ( definitely IIYWpod) and chill without guilt. Carve that time out to center yourself. Don’t forget to represent and grab a shirt, water bottle or some other merch from My new redbubble store! https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/The-Door-Man-Green-Eyed-by-IIYW/113778460.R05UB?asc=u there are lots of products and I’ll be adding more custom designs for t-shirts. Episode 140 will be out this monday! Keep watching for the new hotness here! The picture in this post is from my son’s Art Show. If you haven’t heard our review of “Pulp Fiction”, you’ll have to give it a listen. Stay Hydrated, people!

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