Welcome Back to the Fif-…I mean blog update

Thanksgiving has come and gone this week. My hope is that your bellies are full and your hearts warm. The latter being a bit more difficult for many families and friends fractured by increasingly divided and immovable ideals, politics, and path forward for the country. The World.

Well fuck all that. Hug the person closest to you physically and learn something new about them. Learn to love them despite what they may think. It’s possible to even go as far as to listen and understand their point of view, without attempting to change or coerce their ideas. Open your mind, reject the evil while understanding why a good person could follow such, what you think, are flawed viewpoints, policies, politics, etc. . Get the fuck over yourself and love your fellow man( Woman, Woah-Man[is that a thing yet? it should be.]). Let people wear masks. Let them not wear a mask ( just keep your distance, you never know who may be contagious, infected with only god knows what. The virus of stupidity and hate is spreading faster than ever.

And we have the Corona virus and Flu to deal with.

People, This was just a quick update to let you know I’m still here and will be adding more to this space. I truly appreciate all of you that have come with me on this strange journey through life and The Twilight Zone and my inability to escape the Fifth DiMENSiON.

T-Shirts and Hats SOON!


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