IIYW Finally Has a Website!

After years of publishing a Twilight Zone podcast, the website has now arrived.

When I first started the show and signed up for libsyn hosting I had thought that the website they provided, as a destination to listen to episodes, would be a sufficient web presence. I never thought more than a handful of people would listen to the show on a regular basis. Three years, TEN co-hosts, and 96 episodes later, I decided it was time bust out on the scene. I’m here internet. Love me. Support the show. Buy a shirt.

The website will be a place where I can post private content for listeners of the show. Eventually, I’ll include a code during the actual podcast that will unlock cool stuff here!

This will also be a place to find blog posts from myself and co-hosts. Make sure to check back to read all about:

  • Where did I leave my keys?
  • how much caffeine did I drink?
  • Is Jsarge havimng an epileptic episode or just breathing normally
  • Why are plums purple?

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