Why donate to IIYW

100% of the money donated will go to hosting fees. Once those are paid for the year, any surplus donations will be used exclusively to create video content.

Money is tight right now. For everyone. The tremendous amount of uncertainty and job loss has more than taken its tole. It currently costs me approximately $20/month to keep the show hosted as I do now. This is purely to pay for the libsyn server. If every listener kicked in $0.25/ month that would more than cover the server cost. Something to think about.

Why do this?

  • Making a few dollars to pay for the server costs would make Dan feel better about doing the show.
  • Where else are you going to get killer Twilight Zone analysis, film history, neuroticism, AND JOKES…. for a quarter a month.
  • please give more than a quarter.

I love doing this show and want to keep doing it. Up until this point its been self-funded and propelled by self-motivation…..Now I’m looking for support to keep motivated on producing even better content than what’s come before.


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