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The Fugitive

Originally aired on March 9, 1962 . The Fugitive offers up a bit of an unconventional Cinderella story, unsurprisingly from the mind of Charles Beaumont. Within the bubble universes of the Fifth DiMENSiON, Beaumont is more often credited with tales of horror and internal terror. In some strange alternate, future universe where the Twilight Zone,Continue reading “The Fugitive”

To Serve Man

IF you’re a subscriber to the Imagine If You Will Podcast then you already know that I put out a pod focusing on the Key Twilight Zone Episode,” To Serve Man”. I waited months to produce and record this episode of IIYW. There were many factors that played into the delay: An unexpected loss, theContinue reading “To Serve Man”

Shirts are Available!

There are 4 new T-shirt designs and will be available to purchase right here!. I have been working diligently trying to figure out the best way to offer these T-shirts and Hats to the listeners. I wanted to avoid the traditional Redbubble route as their prices make it less appealing to purchase the products thatContinue reading “Shirts are Available!”

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Episode 103: Hocus-Pocus and Frisby Imagine if you Will

This week Dan Takes a look at episode 30 from the third season of the Twilight Zone Original series.   We've got A Clemons' Cranky Camera complaint, The Buffalo Bonehead, and Dan shares a traumatic story from his childhood that shares some similarities with the past of Andy Devine.   Thanks for listening, Good People!
  1. Episode 103: Hocus-Pocus and Frisby
  2. Episode 102: Four O'clock
  3. Episode 101: The Little People
  4. Episode 100: Person or Person's Unknown / Oscar Spectacular
  5. Episode 99: Little Girl Lost

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