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To Serve Man

IF you’re a subscriber to the Imagine If You Will Podcast then you already know that I put out a pod focusing on the Key Twilight Zone Episode,” To Serve Man”. I waited months to produce and record this episode of IIYW. There were many factors that played into the delay: An unexpected loss, theContinue reading “To Serve Man”

Shirts are Available!

There are 4 new T-shirt designs and will be available to purchase right here!. I have been working diligently trying to figure out the best way to offer these T-shirts and Hats to the listeners. I wanted to avoid the traditional Redbubble route as their prices make it less appealing to purchase the products thatContinue reading “Shirts are Available!”

Why donate to IIYW

100% of the money donated will go to hosting fees. Once those are paid for the year, any surplus donations will be used exclusively to create video content. Money is tight right now. For everyone. The tremendous amount of uncertainty and job loss has more than taken its tole. It currently costs me approximately $20/monthContinue reading “Why donate to IIYW”

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Episode 95: The Day the STATES Stood Still Imagine if you Will

It's been a LONG time people.  Dan is Back to address  the moment at hand.   If it gets too heavy, stick around or skip to the end for the audio from a LIVE Commentary of " To Serve Man" Streamed On Friday September 7th with Dan's son dressed as a Kanamit.  THe lIve stream is no longer available.   Thank you for listening. New Episodes are back.
  1. Episode 95: The Day the STATES Stood Still
  2. Episode 94: The Last Rights of Jeff Myrtlebank
  3. Episode 93: Am I stepping into the Cooper Zone?
  4. Episode 92: Kick the Can
  5. Episode 91: Amid Sleepless Nights

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