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Feeling fine Friday.

It’s a gorgeous day in the Fifth Dimension on this friday morning! My hope is that you’re feeling happy and motivated. The summer weather and heat can bring on lethargy but it also means LESS CLOTHES! So enjoy the breeze AND the view, hit the beach or the trail with a good podcast ( definitelyContinue reading “Feeling fine Friday.”

The Fugitive

Originally aired on March 9, 1962 . The Fugitive offers up a bit of an unconventional Cinderella story, unsurprisingly from the mind of Charles Beaumont. Within the bubble universes of the Fifth DiMENSiON, Beaumont is more often credited with tales of horror and internal terror. In some strange alternate, future universe where the Twilight Zone,Continue reading “The Fugitive”

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Episode 147: Black Leather Jackets Imagine if you Will

Back from hiatus with a special guest- Jump in to the fifth Dimension and listen as Dan and Jsarge laugh at this "Outer Limits" style  offering from The Twilight Zone Original Series. The guys are curious why new tv  looks muddy in the darker scenes and pine for the days of visual high fidelity. When VHS was king.
  1. Episode 147: Black Leather Jackets
  2. Episode 146: Number 12 Looks Just Like You
  3. Episode 145: The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross
  4. Episode 144: The Long Morrow
  5. Episode 143: You Drive.

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