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The Fugitive

Originally aired on March 9, 1962 . The Fugitive offers up a bit of an unconventional Cinderella story, unsurprisingly from the mind of Charles Beaumont. Within the bubble universes of the Fifth DiMENSiON, Beaumont is more often credited with tales of horror and internal terror. In some strange alternate, future universe where the Twilight Zone,Continue reading “The Fugitive”

To Serve Man

IF you’re a subscriber to the Imagine If You Will Podcast then you already know that I put out a pod focusing on the Key Twilight Zone Episode,” To Serve Man”. I waited months to produce and record this episode of IIYW. There were many factors that played into the delay: An unexpected loss, theContinue reading “To Serve Man”

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Episode 123: The New Exhibit Imagine if you Will

This week Dan jumps into "The New Exhibit" from the Twilight Zone Original Series.  Martin Balsam gives an excellent performance in what may be an overlooked horror gem from the fourth season of Rod Serling's Classic series.   Briefly discusses the new Super Dave documentary, Station 11, and Bob Saget. Thank you for listening! Please consider donating to the show: https://www.paypal.me/ImagineIfYouWill ETH: 0x2829CaFbd7C35cfBdd05e4A79Bc5077652c85492 BTC: 1CoTP6Kb4U4zRp357fVjVPWR464da5WkuU LTC: LZFFErdpyHCcsUGpd8Md9SLWZ5yWMGEVSP DOGE: DDhmXwziYRLVM4kUdd2VtBAJaYornUebKF
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  4. Episode 120: No Time Like the Past
  5. Episode 119: Record before the Devil Knows Your Pod

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